I am Shannon, the seeker of Seeking Shannon. Welcome to my page! I am based in Knoxville, Tennessee. I am currently working towards my master’s degree in Journalism and Electronic Media at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, with plans of graduating in May 2022.

Growing up, I always loved going to new places with my family. Even if it was to visit my father while working in a different city, it was always an adventure to get away from home and what is known to me. I knew I wanted to get out and see the world from an early age. 

A person can learn a lot through traveling — learning about the history, people, and cultures of the areas, and sometimes it helps us understand more about ourselves.

Whatever you seek, seeks you – adventure, curiosity, joy, history, life. Signs point the way along the road of life; pay attention to the signs directing you to what you seek. You may just find everything you want or need.

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